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Meeting guys

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Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well. I have a weird question to ask. One of my very good friends (we call each other sisters) has no trouble meeting guys as friends or dating (especially dating) and it always seems like this is true because she just seems to hang out where there are lots of guys. There never seem to be many guys when I go places and I always wonder why when I go places I never see/meet many guys, like my friend. Is it because I just don't where the right places to go are? Or does it have to do with me personally? If it's the first problem, then where should I go/what places should I hang at? Thanks!

Meeting guys

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Go places that you can start up a conversation with someone. Anyone, as a sweet old grandmother might have the perfect grandson for you!! Go places that bring out the best in you. Places where you feel confident and free. I love CHAPTERS the book store. I love going to rec centers and playing sports. I love musical events.... Go places where you are on your own path..... open to meet others that share the same interests. One conversation can lead into a live long one.

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