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Hi all I posted a couple of weeks ago about my boyfriend and how I felt caught him popping one off and then had words told me only did it a couple of times and wouldn't as we didn't have sex not through but he had lost the mojo tired or not in the mood...well anyway porn sites been on his phone saw them when he was closing his browsers. Tuesday I told him again how I felt that no affection I do everything we don't act like a couple outside the house its only ever me wanting to grab his hand and all that....and was it working as I felt like what we had was going He responded with no so best leave. I work at home and he decided that he couldn't leave anytime after 4 so finished work early to come home and pack not nice for me as I was actually upset I asked why he didn't have affection as I had to gain weight for a pending operation and it's it me kept getting no ...then I got a no I said right honestly whats the but he loves me but isn't attracted to me and he feels bad for saying it....I then said well its right then u can't have a relationship where u don't even like me. So he's gone the I get text msg if u want to try then I will come home but on Monday???!!!. So I asked why Monday its to give us a break let things cool and I can have a kid free weekend he has his daughter.thenlater I got a message I'm gonna be honest I'm not 100% sure wot I want so the break will do us good and I can decide if this is what I want and so can u!. By this time I'm fuming u don't find me attractive as I've put on weight and want me to wait to see?..I rang said look Saturday no ifs buts got told no Monday or nothing so said nothing then. Then I get a msg will let u know Saturday in this time note 1 month ago i lent him 4000 now this? So I said fine I won't bother u till u decide then today he's at work and basically patronising started messaging me morning x u ok sleep well?..him going then.I didn't I'm tired missed me? What u doing Saturday? I said nothing u well I may be packing? this time I'd had enough said really got yeah there's a possibility. I am fuming u took my money u don't find me attractive and now u want me to say yes I've missed u and want u home so bad....I never thought I'd feel this way but he has been cruel in words and actions and certainly not the person I thought he was. I feel like letting him come so I can get some money back at least and tell him where to go. He used my biggest insecurity and said I wasn't attractive for him yet he loves me? I wrong or missing something? What do I do?? Help! I feel like im ok for a home ok to keep paying for everything ok to cook clean and do it all but u don't fancy me how does a relationship i being used or is he just immature oh and he is still wanking constantly and loads more sites too I have no trust i want him here for one thing only and that's my money back is that wrong?

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