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Relationship advice for losers

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Sorry if this is too daft, but I had to get it out there. Im a single male in my early 30s and haven't really had a proper long term relationship. Ive tried to meet people, but never quite hit it off with anyone. So I tried online dating. You do come across interesting people, but for some reason it never goes beyond the first date. I try to be the gentleman, be polite, attentive and make her laugh. I always put myself out there, but nobody seems to like me. They usually say Im nice and intelligent, but theres no spark, no romantic connection. Why does this happen every time? Am I the "nice guy" no woman is attracted to?

Relationship advice for losers

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Hey, Just because you didn't had nice matches it doesn't mean you are a looser, it means what it means. You don't wanna match with a person with very different interests and personality, you are looking for a real deal and those things take time. Don't get nervous, you aren't trying to impress anyone. Looks matter too but not only. Sometimes you are just different. Being too nice can also backfire on you. It doesn't matter if you are a man or a women, there are people that you give a hand and wanna take your arm. There is a nice charm of not being like the nicest guy on the hood. Treat them well but always mantain a distance. This works for everything. Friends, family, women.. Good luck :)

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