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Do I have a boyfriend who can't give me some space or pouts?

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I admit I'm a person who always likes to please and avoid any type of controversy. My bf of 15 months is very loving but can be very intrusive too and has a tendency not to be sensitive to the needs of others sometimes (including how and what he says). Now to the issue: I told him I needed this past weekend alone with my child visiting from far away for only a week. Since I told him, he has been avoiding me to some extent by not calling me almost at all (he usually calls twice a day) so I have been calling him (and he is quite short on the phone). As it turns out, he has been sick since Friday, so I video called him yesterday hoping to make him feel better. Once again, he was quite short. While I understand he may not be feeling well, when I called him today, he just wasn't himself again. It's like he is jealous or mad that I asked him not to visit this weekend. While it may be he isn't feeling well and would have liked my company, it does make me concerned/hurt/uncomfortable that he can't say to me "I hope you have a nice visit", etc. He did manage to say "I'm sure you're happy to see your son" and tell him I say "hi". He is also aware that I need to have a serious discussion with my child about something (the details don't matter) but suffice it to say that it is a rather serious matter. This was the reason I gave him for not visiting me (I told him I was giving him and my other grown child a rain check this weekend; so he asked me today, "Is your other son not visiting today?". Does he not trust me (he made a statement the other day "Are you trading me in"? and "Do you miss me?" "I'm insecure".. and I said "You have no reason to feel insecure with me and of course, I miss you". As it turns out, i got sick all day yesterday (and still not well today) so I never really had the hard discussion but hope to do so later today or tomorrow. Anyway, I texted him today and told him my sister was just diagnosed with COVID yesterday (and I'm worried I told him b/c she has a heart condition and diabetes) and I was sick all day myself with a stomach bug but asked him how he was feeling. His reply was that he was good enough to go to work and wished my sister well and he did say I hope you feel better and then he said "I hope you had that talk with your son". Really - just what i need is pressure? Do I keep calling him? If so, do I just come out and say "Are you upset with me"? He seems like a rather needy guy and I can't handle that. Update: he tried calling me this AM but I'm at work.

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