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Insecurities suck

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My girlfriend and I have been dating 10 months. We have a great relationship most of the time. She has been hurt a lot so sometimes she gets butt hurt(her words not mine) She has 2 younger children which I adore and they adore me. We get to spend every weekend with eachother and we usually just hang out at her place or mine. She likes to get butt hurt about things that are just silly. One morning I was at home and I missed her call and she instantly starts accusing me of being dishonest about what I was doing. I told her I was doing some chores around the house and when she called my phone was in the other room on the charger since it had died. She tells me that what I told her I was doing doesn’t add up. I’ve never been unfaithful or lied to her about anything. A few weeks ago she was texted a screenshot of someone that looked like me on a dating profile. She asked me about it and sent me the picture and it is me. On a dating profile from like 2 years ago that I haven’t used since then. I told her the truth and I think she believes me but things seem different since that happened. Recently she has started feeling that her kids are gonna get overwhelming for me and that I’ll pull back and walk away. I would never do that because this woman is unlike any that I’ve ever met. She makes me feel so good about myself and has so much faith in me. I’m trying to be understanding of her insecurities but they are so constant that it brings up some major insecurities in myself. I don’t want to lose her. But I also don’t like feeling like I’m walking on egg shells. She always tells me that she loves how understanding I am but it’s starting to weigh on me. I’ve been cheated on and left for no reason and would never do that to anyone.

Insecurities suck

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First off this can be a very tiring relationship as you say walking on eggshells... you can only try to reassure her that you care for her deeply... don’t know her age or her occupation... but her being a single mom and trying to take care of her children by herself can be very hard on her insecurities.. don’t know if you have children but let’s just say you don’t... she looks at you as carefree someone who don’t have the responsibilities as she does and someone who can just opt out, where she can’t... making sense? there may be times she may just break down and cry for no reason and you and your mind have no idea why this is happening... this is usually the fear in her mind...that this is her life no one will want to be a part of it and she will be alone is kind of like a panic attack when someone is trying to tell you calm down calm down and you can’t because the problem is eating you up and that is all you can think about... without being forceful, you almost need to hold her down and make her listen to you because again she is only listening to the hypothetical voices in her head that are telling her he’s cheating,he doesn’t want to you, you have nothing for him and he will eventually leave... make her understand, make her hear your voice,make her understand the reasoning why you want her and why are you love her...good luck!!!

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