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Relationship over

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I have finished a 8 year relationship, I knew deep down long ago I wasn’t happy, Over the years i tried over and over to talk about my feelings, relationship I’m an open person, he wasn’t, not everyone is, but he literally wouldn’t acknowledge what I had said or say a word literally just be silent. Over the years I thought it will change but it hasn’t so i finished it. We haven’t argued or anything. I think he didn’t believe me.when I said it was over. He ignored me for a week when I told him again it was over, and I was fine about it all. Now I’ve had loads of messages saying he is devastated, loves me to bits, would’ve asked me to marry him, he is so sorry and embarrassed for not being there for me. I just feel so guilty and sorry for him now and. Have been crying over it. I know deep down I’ve done the right thing but just feel so guilty since he has said all of those things even though it’s too little too late . Didn’t realise it would be so hard to be the one to end a relationship

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