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Why now after 9 years

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My ex fiancé of 8 months cheated on me with his toxic ex than dumped me in October 2020. He got engaged to his ex in January 2021 and got married a few days ago. What I don’t understand is why now they were off and on again for 9 years why now get married when I was in the picture. He had 9 years to ask her to be his wife.Me and him were supposed to be married in December 22 2020. It’s like a slap in my face.He married her instead why now

Why now after 9 years

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I agree 100% on advice above. Don't even question it. Its a good thing you aren't with him. A favor was done for you by god watching over you on not allowing you to be with him. It would have not been good. Things happen for a reason and you will find the person you belong with. It was not him

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