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Did he cheat

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My husband as worked for a company for 7 years as a sales rep out on the road. The first time he went for the interview I was with him and I remember a woman coming out from the office and saying, goodbye and said my husbands name. I thought it was odd that she walked out with him and Im sure he told me that she asked what he was going to be doing after the interview. he had been interviewed by her and the manager. she works in the office answering enquiries and emails etc. he told her he was going for a walk with me. This is what he as told me but now I wonder if she asked him something else or what was really said. he said she was married with kids.this woman lives two and a half hours away from us. he used to work in a office years ago before I met him and went out with the office woman and I always wonder if this woman could be the one he is working with now. it would be a very small world if he is but it crosses my mind. I don't know his ex girlfriends name from the office but I know this office womans name. im worried something as or is gone on between them. 6 years ago at Christmas time he had bought some Christmas presents and I looked inside one of the bags and there was one perfume but it said there were two bought on the receipt. I kepted looking but did not find the other one and i told him about it as I was thinking as he bought the other one for the woman in the office. he looked himself and it was not there and he was saying it could of fell out of the bag in the car. he went down stairs comes back up and all of a sudden the perfume is there in the bag. he did not say if it had been in the car and i did not hear him go out of the door to look in the car. I wished I had waited to see if he would of gave two perfumes out at christmas as we have a daughter so I know one was for her because we said we were going to get her some but I will never know if the other one was for this woman or me but he denies it was and it was always in the bag. he said he as never bought another woman perfume since being with me. Also when I was in the car with him around Christmas time and he had been working there 6 months where he works now he rang this woman up in the office to ask when his wages were going to go in. I am convinced on my life I heard her say, don't forget to get me something but I kepted quiet like a fool I am and I should of took the phone off him and spoke to her and asked her what she had just said. according to him she did not say that and said, don't forget to get your wife something. I asked him why she would say that when of course he would with it being Christmas and we have argued about this for years and he as always said he as never cheated on me and why don't I ring her up and ask her. part of me wants to but if I do I feel she would lie to me if she was cheating with him and im sure he will get the sack. I rang his boss up years ago as my husband was having a night away with work and I was making sure he was with his boss and not with anyone else and his boss knows I think he as cheated with this woman as I told him and my husband at the time was saying to his boss, just put the phone down on her. the office woman was there with other employees according to my husband at the time as they were all having a meal out after a training day and she doesn't know that I was accursing her and just thinks that I rung up as I don't like my husband staying away. I have no where to go if I did ring her up so have to stay if I did this. maybe a stupid part of me is hoping he hasn't cheated with her but why would she say if according to him she said, don't forget to get your wife a present. what if after all these years he as been cheating with her and she might be his ex and he did buy her the perfume and I have put up with this at the back of my mind for 7 years. what would anyone else do in my situation. should I ring her up? we have been together 29 years and married 25 years with 3 children.

Did he cheat

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I was married 18yrs with a loving husband and father. I trusted him 110%! Then I had a gut feeling here and there of him cheating no reason at all. He was always with us never out at night with friends. Family man that is all. It was all about me. He did what I wanted at a snap of my fingers. I had no reason to doubt him. He was cheating with a secretary at work! I am now divorced...

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