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Friend or more

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Can you be friends with the opposite sex without anything going on between you. I met my husband through a dating site he was friends with a older woman before he met me who he had known since he was young and living at home. his parents were friendly with her and her husband and they used to get together for meals and the woman ended up working with my husband years later. he did not recognize her at first and then he realise who she was. they went to a concert together he told me because her husband did not want to go. he said she was 2O years older then him and nothing went on between them. I met this woman when I married my husband and she came to our wedding and met our children. I was young and naive so did not think that something might of gone on between them and never asked. at the time I must of trusted my husband, never thought anything was going on or had gone on. now that im more mature and older I am thinking more about her and the thought that my husband might of went with her before me and after I had met her and coming to our wedding and I don't know what to think. he told me nothing went on and she was just a friend of the family and she went to a concert with him and he said he went for a drink with her when he was going out with a girl who worked in the same office. should I of told him to of stopped being in contact with her years ago when I knew about her incase she was more then a friend or was I right in letting her be in our lives when I don't know if anything happened between them.

Friend or more

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Doesn't sound much to worry about unless they are always together or going out places by themselves or on the phone all the time. If she is a family friend for that long if she does hang out with him it should be with all of you, you and your kids. Sounds like its ok and nothing weird. Unless it bothers you that bad then your needs should come 1st to anything else from your husband

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