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Family problem relationship

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i don't have a good relationship with my parents , they are too strict,controlling and always make me insecure and feel bad about myself , i ve been going through anxiety since i was a child , always bad memories come to my mind and a lot shit is happening in the present moment , they make me feel as i m not enough . but how could i live with them in peace ? i ve hated my life with them since i was a young , how could i overcome this sadness and anxiety ? i m also someone who doesn't open up about his problems to anybody , i can't talk to my relatives about it , if anyone has been through something like this please help me forget the trauma and the bad memories i always keep remembering ..

Family problem relationship

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Do they do bad things or is it that they are just strict and want you to do the best you can but they dont know how to talk to you either or show you they care about you? I think my daughter felt that way at times too but I only wanted to raise her right and do good because I won't be around forever I was strict and uptight and didnt know how to tell her I cared.. it got better and she knows that now.

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