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Does he like me? I like him but he's an interesting character

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Hola Ladies! trishlikejojofish (he/him) here, there is an entity/man that I have recently meet and sorta developed a crush on. I've known him for 8 months and I have reason to believe that he has/still likes me. We met through school, I'm a sophomore in college and he is a junior at my school. We were in an elective class together and he had added me into a group chat with his sophomore friends and he helped me branch out to meet new people. When we first met, he was talking to another guy online who lived in another state and it ended after 5 months. When he was talking to that guy, he had asked me for a stuffed animal that I had and I said yes. He is on all of my private snap stories because he was on one and I allowed invited for all of the other ones in which he accepted the universal invite. He also slid up on my snapchat stories and would even say goodnight. After he had broken things off with him, he had told me and not much was mention afterward. He was still on my stories and still talking to me and we even talked about our emotional trauma. 11 days later, he is talking to a guy he had met online in April 2020 who lives a couple of hours away in the same state. He has continued talking to him until now. We have and had really good conversations and we've both been there for each other. List of Cons - Called my mom sexy - Has a youtube channel (vlogger) - Has an Instagram account for said youtube channel - Has a podcast - Abusive ?? - Has a really really weird "fandom"/cult Reasons I Believe He Likes Me - Asked me for a stuffed animal - Reposted me on his main story multiple times - Has genuine concern for me - The way he texts me is very interesting Things to Note - He is an April Taurus and I am a May Gemini (are charts are actually really compatible) - He has been being a douche lately ("if he a douche don't let him eat the couche") - I use to start conversations, now he does. However, he is quite dry. - He's not dumb and pretty cute - He is my type - Seems to be a m@nwh0re. - I have also been hit up by guys in the time being

Does he like me? I like him but he's an interesting character

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I’ve found that when looking through lists of pros and cons, if there are more cons, they are very probably not the right person for you. I’ve been in this same situation and it didn’t come off good on my end. He does seem to be a very interesting person, so just keep your eyes open for any activities that may be a detriment to yourself. If he doesn’t treat you right, he isn’t for you.

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