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Should I let him go…?

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So, I have this friend. He’s really sweet and kind, and he’s one of my best friends. I met him online and we got really close in just a matter of days. We would stay up for hours and just talk about anything in our lives. After a few weeks, we started dating and it was great. Until. He told me that he “still loved me”, but he was losing feelings (huh?). I told him “whatever makes you happy” and we broke up. Now see, the problem lies with me because he’s the first person I’ve ever truly loved, who I’ve ever cared about, and who I wanted to be with. I’ve been in A LOT of bad relationships in the past, so it was the first where I felt safe with someone. 3 days after we broke up, he got another girlfriend and that tore me apart. I started to think he was a player, cuz he was always telling me to block his friends. It hurt, but I did what he asked. We were still friends after we broke up, but I started to go crazy. My thoughts started to turn Yandere-like (if you dont know what a Yandere is, look it up) and I thought about hurting everyone around him. I eventually asked him to block me and I blocked him to keep him and the people he loves safe. I started getting bette until a few days ago where I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I really think I need to let him go. If I don’t, it could hurt him and I don’t want that. I still want to be his friend, but after having blocked me for at least a month, I don’t know if he’ll forgive me. Please help.

Should I let him go…?

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Yep, let him go. Regardless of how safe you felt with him, he's moved onto another girl already and left you hanging, which tells you his actions were talking and not his words. He doesn't have to forgive you for blocking him (which is the the right thing to do in this situation) and you just need to forget him and get on with your life.. and without going crazy about it which will benefit no one, including yourself, if you do.

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