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Does he like me?

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A little background- I haven’t had social media for too long, but I’ve still made so many amazing friends (I actually have more online than I do in-person). I’ve only had it for about 14-15 weeks. So I have this guy friend and we live across country from each other. He’s an absolutely fantastic friend and we talk almost every day. Problem is, I think he likes me for multiple reasons. 1) Whenever I show a picture of myself (so that he knows who he’s talking to) he says something along the lines of “Just as a friend, but you’re pretty cute ngl” every time. 2) Whenever we start talking, he always asks if I’m dating someone, and when I say no he says “ah ok”. 3) This happened only once but it totally caught me off guard : He had to go and while we were saying out goodbyes, he said “Love you mate” Even if he does like me, I don’t think I like him back. He’s an awesome friend and I wouldn’t want to ruin that. Am I misinterpreting his words or is there something I’m not getting from him? Please help!

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