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Move or stay

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Been living in a privately rented house for two years with my husband. It’s a nice area and a nice house and sometimes I am happy to live there other times I cannot wait to get away from it and wonder if we should move. Our last privately rented house was horrible compared to this house and the landlord didn’t want to pay for any repairs so we could not wait to move. This house we are in now is alot better then all the others we looked at even thou it’s on a hill and as flats by it. These did put me off a little when we saw the house but we wanted to get out of the other one real quick do went for it. We have moved quite a few times in the past so we did not want to move again for awhile but little things are really getting me down. The hill gets to me and driving up and down it each day, then one neighbour opposite our house leaves his van on the road so makes it hard for us to get out of our driveway without having to do lots of manoeuvres with the car, we think he does it on purpose and we have never bothered with him at all or any of our other neighbours. The floor boards all over in the house squeak and whenever you walk around there’s just the noise from them even thou there are carpets down. We did not hear this when we checked the house out. This really gets to me and we know the landlord is not going to pay to get them done. The grass is on a slope do makes it really hard to cut, there are houses at the top of the hill looking into our garden so we have no privacy and our neighbour who is a woman and lives by herself is quiet so if me and my husband argue she can hear us because of the walls and this is so frustrating for me having to keep quiet when I want to shout from the roof tops. Because we have only lived here two years we would need to get a reference from our past landlord but we don’t want to contact her because like I said she didn’t want to spend money on the house so wasn’t a good landlord so if we stay here another year we won’t have to ask her. So do we stay and I put up with everything I’ve said or look to move. I am in the house more then my husband so it gets to me more then him. My husband will put up with all the things I’ve mentioned.

Move or stay

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You CAN'T run away from your problems (&,to be fair,you did choose this house yourself!!) Anywhere else you go will also have problems waiting to be solved (as you found out,moving into this house.) [I am in the house more then my husband so it gets to me more then him.] Get out of the house more,too. I would stay & make a REAL effort to resolve these problems (you mention in your post).

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