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My wife feels I don't talk to her that often

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We have been married for 14 years and been engaged for 4 years before marriage. My wife feels like I no longer love her, do no care about her and I always talk about food and sex. She always care about me no doubt, she surprises me with good food,etc. I really can't gauge her love and compassion for me, it's simply beyond words. I have this habit of making silly mistakes daily. I don't do things as per her way. I tend to forget stuff. And for all this she gets upset and nags most of the time. And this results in fights, sometimes into ugly fights. Lately, since the first lockdown, our fights have increased. I do love her but I feel kind a put off due to the quarrels. I sit with her but it doesnt feel me to talk about love or her. I talk about others, work etc. I don't remember the good things when we first met, when this whole relationship took shape. I feel guilty that I roped her into this relationship and now I am not giving my 100%. I tried to make myself understand to love her but I get distracted. I do not have any affairs. I work, I help her with daily chores, I make food for us. But I don't do anything special for her, I don't care for her, I don't surprise her anymore, I don't remember the things she asked for. How can I help me to help keep my relationship with my wife going and rejuvenate our relationship?

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