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Can you be friends with someone you are attracted to?

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With the new year, I started online dating. I am 28 years old and feel like time is running out to have my own family. After a few flops I found a guy I liked and started hoping that I would enter a meaningful and long-term relationship. A couple months in he told me that we were better off being friends. When we first started seeing each other he was unsure if he wanted kids, but he decided during our time together that kids were something he definitely did not want. We agreed that it was best for us to remain friends since I have always wanted children. I have never been friends with someone I am attracted to before and am unsure if this is just going to leave the both of us pining after the other. I really enjoy spending time with him and things are not awkward after deciding to remain friends, but I wonder if it would be best to cut ties now.

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