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my goal in life is to get what others got. there are a few incidents here that stand out. i saw this bodywork practitioner a few years ago. she seemed highly rated, so i booked a session, but what happened is that after the session I used her bathroom, and then as she was letting me out the door she said “why are you looking like that, were you raped?” I didn’t really register it at first, but then on the train home, it clicked to me that she didn’t really give a fuck. She said in the session that she would message me via e-mail to discuss my thoughts on the session, and I actually raised this point and she said she apologised and it was inappropriate. I didn’t message her back, since I thought she was a bitch and she didn’t’ even have the gumption to say she didn’t like me. what annoys me though is that i doubt she did that to any of her other clients. and they just went in and did their thing, and that’s that without doing anything special. so this is an example of getting what others got in life. I don’t see why it[‘s wrong or should bother people. if so, they have sociopathy and/or should mind their own lane in life.

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