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Retired neighbour wants to teach me sex

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I am 18 and I cant get a girlfriend my age as I am not that good looking. One of my neighbours is a retired, really nice lady aged 67, who I do shopping for and then have a chat and a cuppa afterwards. One day I told her about the problems I was having getting a girl my age, and she asked whether I was a virgin. I said I was, and she said "I would have you anytime". I laughed it off as a joke, and went off to the kitchen to put away some bits. Before I knew it, I felt her hands around my waist and she started feeling my cock. I got instantly hard and she turned me round pushed me against the cupboard and knelt and took it in her mouth and started sucking. About 30 seconds later I came in her mouth, and I sort of stood there stunned. The way we left it is next time we will go to bed and she will show me how to have full sex. Part of me really wants to, and part of me thinks it would be a really bad idea. What do others think?

Retired neighbour wants to teach me sex

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My Friend no one teaching a duck chicks to swim, in your case I just said there is a big difference between teaching and using ...

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