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Why is he doing this?

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There is one guy, having two kids, same as me. We r friends now for some time, since he got divorced and his ex has new bf and kid. When his kids r staying with him we always play together with my and his kids. I confess my feelings to him andhe said he doesnt feel the same. It was a year ago. I stopped talking to him for a week, then he contacted me again and we talk normal since then. Last couple of weeks when Im outside with my kid, he is always around me, he sits next to me, smiling, i see his look its different kinda warm. He trusts me and tells me many stuff, he brings me coffee, chocolates and stuff. When I go out, he is after me in 5 minutes, again smiling and walking around me. Doing tricks with ball, i catch him looking at me when i am looking away. Why is he doing this? Is there some changes in his thinking or is he only nice to me.

Why is he doing this?

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Obviously he likes you and likes to be around you, but maybe he wants to stay just friends? Friendship lasts longer than romance. Enjoy the moment and company.

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