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Bringing passion back into marriage

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My husband and I have been married for quite a few years and things lately have gotten a little stale; we both work a lot and there doesn't seem to be a lot of passion left between us. I am looking for something we can do together to get us back to where we used to be. I was thinking of couples counseling but I don't know that it is too serious. We talked about having someone join us but I am honestly too worried that will damage the relationship, as we're both kind of jealous people lol. I was thinking of asking him to try this game called Halos and Sins. Is there anyone tried it or anything similar that worked for them? Any and all suggestions appreciated!*

Bringing passion back into marriage

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Never played sounds amazing. That's always been a fear of mines in any given relationship so to see you both are honest about it while you look to tackle it head on is great. I'm sure it'll explore characters and attire and sexting and teases and thgs to lead up to the big bang rather the bang being part of an nearly unobtainable obligation with time restraints. Even small thgs like walks in the park or playing board games or going out to play a game u both suck at pr arcades could help put away the adult brain and realize that life gets grime in the end and that you both can't keep creating memories that will take soulish pieces away negatively speaking, from your partners as time ticks by

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