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Life reset, anyone ever done one?

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So basically I've hit an age where you start to realise you're a proper adult now and with lockdown so on coinciding with some bad times personally it's started to make me harp back to when I was 21 so on with world in front of me and in a good state. Now however I have a child who I am no longer with the mother, a series of failed relationships, poor habits like smoking and poor diet, a little bit of debt to name a few things I want to fix or mistakes I have made. I have decided to basically reset my whole life and put all my effort into it, total clear put of my home new attitude to health and wellbeing debt everything and wondered if anyone else had done anything similar, any ideas to help, apps, sites or inspirational stories? I feel I need to do this now and properly or I'm in danger of wasting my 30's and regretting where I am in years to come? Thanks in advance and I'm new here so gently does it 🙃

Life reset, anyone ever done one?

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As someone who has been unhappy with myself basically my whole life, I have tried several times to "reinvent" myself. My two cents: -Stay faithful to yourself; don't do things based solely on outside influences. We all have core values that define who we are as people and if you abandon them you abandon your true self and become a sort of shell of a person, if that makes sense. -Remember that (small changes) plus (time) equals (big changes). Limit yourself to resetting one or two things at a time so that you're focused and dedicated to those causes. The more dedication you can devote to something new, the faster it becomes ingrained and no longer new. -Don't be afraid to drop new things that aren't working and move on to something else. Sometimes we just have to experience things before realizing they're not for us. We also all go through "phases" in our lives that can serve as teachable moments. -The previous point applies to people as well--sometimes a change in perspective can shed new light on the people in your life. There may not be room for some of them in your new life.

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