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Feeling of Emptiness

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Please I need advice on this matter. I have been in a relationship for 6months, it was wonderful. I got to experience love and I loved back whole heartedly. We talked about a future together. We were both in our finals in school and lockdown got us chatting and falling in love eventually. After final exams,my boyfriend went back home which was still in the same state. I was yet to go home because I had gotten a job around school for the meantime. During that period he travelled, he cheated on me with his ex-girlfriend at home. I was depressed and hurt. I moved from depression to annoyance and then indifference in a space of one week. We were still in the same state and this happened, what happens when I go home?. He has been asking for forgiveness. I don't hate him,but I don't know if I still love him, I still have my doubts. His love proclamations don't sound true to my ears anymore. I feel empty inside. I am no longer eager to call or chat him, but he tries to talk to me. My chest feels tight sometimes and I cry sometimes when I think of it. Most times, I try not to think of the pain so I engage in a lot of activities. Somehow, I have forgiven him but the memory is still fresh. I really loved him but now I don't know, I feel empty when I try to think of him. He hopes that we work things out but this feeling of emptiness is what I don't understand. What should I do? Is there still hope or should we move on? What does this feeling of emptiness mean?

Feeling of Emptiness

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I think the above comment is very well said I hate to say this but I do think it is rewarding someone if you take them back after cheating. I think you have every reason to feel the way you do. I once came across a quote, "If you cheat on someone, then you do not love that person." Mainly because he had no thought /consideration of your feelings when he did what he did.

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