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I can't deal with this anymore

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Hello, my name is Samuel, 16 years olá. I have a problem I m gay and I have already accpeted it, but i talked to my parenta and they don t accept. Incmy school my friends bully me in the classroom and in the playground they are always me.

I can't deal with this anymore

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Hey Samuel, sorry about your parents Some parents are embarrassed or it may be a cultural thing. Sometimes they need time to process it, Some may never be able to process this. We all wish our parents are so loving and accepting but - You have to accept that they maybe the type of parents who are being idiotic and just not used to the identity you have always known you were. Your life is special and they have no right to demean you. What have you tried to stop the bullies. We can choose to report them, fight back with some mean words. Lastly I do not condone fighting with fists but there is only so much someone can stand. Go through the process of stopping them, you have options.

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