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I wanna feel desired

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I am currently in a long distance relationship, he lives and works in a remote area with limited cell service. It is temporary, and the kids and I will be moving up there by the new year. It sucks because even though I don't have long, every day away from him is like a week. I love him and he loves me but I need more. Some days i want a friend other days i want a special friend. I feel foolish for wanting this but i am human. I assure you its not about sex, it's about having someone that you can talk to about anything and for them to be available for me when I need it. I have a newborn so i wonder if this is a post partum thing but i send my hubby a text and i wont hear back for hours at a time, and when we do facetime the connection is shotty and untimely. When we talk we catch up on all important things but there is no time for the simple silly fun things.. Ugh any advice?

I wanna feel desired

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You need to buckle down, and stay the course. Your husband deserves your loyalty and respect. This may be a hard time for you both, but if either of you stray that will be a shadow that hangs over your marriage forever. Be the person that you want him to be.

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