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I have this girlfriend who I’ve been going out with for a few months, she initially made the first move on me and wanted to make it official So I decided to give it a chance. Everything was all fine and good we used to talk on the phone every single day for hours and all of a sudden one day she said we shouldn’t talk on the phone every single day we should limit the amount of times we’re on the phone to not everyday since she’s trying to stay in the “lovey” stage of the relationship forever. I felt bad about it because how do you go from talking to someone on the phone every single day to talking to them once in a while and just speaking through text? It doesn’t seem to bother her I’ve asked doesn’t it bother you that we aren’t on the phone everyday anymore but I never get a direct answer. And when we first started talking she was the one that always wanted to call and now she’s saying we can’t call everyday because she used to do that with her ex and things didn’t work out. The other day we were on texting and the conversation was getting a bit dry so I decided to talk about something else and she responded with “did I ask?” And she gets in these arguments for no reason. She always blames it on her period.

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