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Workplace dating

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I've been working for a small company in an office building for the last two months. Soon after I began, I became friendly with a woman who works for a different company in the same building. It started out as friendly workplace banter, small talk kinds of things whenever we would run into each other around the building. For the last two weeks or so, I've noticed that her interactions with me seem to have become more flirty in nature. She giggles quite a bit more than in the beginning even when I say things that aren't tremendously funny and often reaches out and touches my arm when she does. All of this is welcome, by the way. I'm beginning to like this woman a lot. She's pleasant, very attractive and a lot of fun to be around. I'm seriously thinking of asking her out and I think the answer would be yes, but there are a few things that would probably qualify us as an "unusual" couple. First off, we're of different races (I'm white and she is Filipina). Second, there's a huge age difference between us (I'm 24 and she is 47). Third, since we do work in the same building, we would almost certainly draw notice if we were to begin dating. None of these is enough to cause me to not want to ask her out, however. We were out socially with other people from the building recently and spent most of that time somewhat peeled off from the group, so I get the impression that we would be perfectly fine out, just the two of us. I just was wondering what some other people might think. Is it a good idea to ask her out?

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