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Recently reverted to Islam and I'm worried about my relationship

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(for some context, I'm 16 and can't tell anyone i'm muslim. my boyfriend only knows as we've been dating for 2 years now <3) I recently just converted to Islam. My previous life as a Christian was empty and had no meaning. I feel so happy with my new found relationship with Allah alhamdulilah <3 BUT. I feel as if my boyfriend isn't supportive. I told him a few days ago, told him my story and he kinda was just shocked. He's been avoiding it, anytime i mention it, or say a dua, he gets visibly/audibly uncomfortable. We started dating in school, but I had to move due to my parent's divorce. So we've been ldr'ing it for about a year. We've barely had any issues, and when we have, they were over dumb teenage insecurities that were pretty quickly resolved. Now, I'm scared that this'll be the end of our relationships. I really do love him and I think he loves me back. He talks a lot about marriage though, which recently started to make me uncomfortable because marrying a man who isnt muslim would be a sin. I understand not all relationships are meant to be, but I really do want us to workout. I tell myself, that since I'm young, this is all just a phase and I'm not really muslim? I break my own heart when I tell myself that. Or maybe that I'll be able to help him revert and find his own relationship with Allah. But it doesn't seem likely... I talked to him about how I no longer want to talk about sex/nudes/drinking/vaping/etc... all that haram stuff (that i shouldnt be doing at my age anyways.) I want to focus on a more wholesome part of my life, my relationship with Allah, my family, and him. I don't want to risk my own salvation at the price of a boy, but this boy means a lot to me and I wouldn't want to lose either. In this situation, I'm not sure what to do. Would I break up with him? Hold off our relationship? Fix our values? I don't know.. Please help inshallah that either work out or don't. 🙏 (p.s. i have prayed to Allah to help me out too, but I think getting help online could really help too :') )

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