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Doubting my A-level subject choices?!?? Now hating chemistry

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am seventeen and a year twelve student in my first year of a levels. I am currently taking biology, chemistry and maths. My passion and dream job has always been to be an equine vet or vet nurse or work in animal care. I enjoyed chemistry and maths gcse but I have stuck both a level courses out this far and I am still really hating them both and struggling. I have looked into alternative subjects, but I am not sure if I can swap a level subjects this far into the course and I know all universities require a level chemistry in order to be a vet. I really don’t want to spend two years studying subjects I really hate. What options do I have, and would it be worth looking into an apprenticeship that is worth three a levels?

Doubting my A-level subject choices?!?? Now hating chemistry

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Hey, there! I am 20 years old and in community college, so hopefully I can help. One thing I learned is that classes are not always hard because of the subject, it's hard because of the teacher. It might be that the class you take now is not enjoyable because of your teacher's style of teaching. Whatever the reason, you could give the subject a break and take other required courses before going back to it.

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