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When do women get held accountable for continued lies?

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My ex continues to spread false accusations of abuse towards my youngest child. She is now accusing me of sexually abusing my child, which is completely false and ridiculous. She has continued to throw false allegations at me for the past 4 years. I’ve done nothing wrong, EVER. Why does she get to continue lying about me and spreading these false accusations without being held legally accountable?? Just because a white woman says something doesn’t mean it’s true. I’m not sure what her problem is at the moment. She’s always been selfish, lazy, spoiled, entitled, and cold hearted. It was obvious from the beginning I was always too good for her, but she further proved this fact by not being a parent to our adopted kids, not paying any attention to me, taking me for granted, never sharing in any of the family responsibilities, and just watching reality TV and posting on Facebook. This is complete ridiculousness that I’m in this situation because of her lies, stupidity, and unwillingness to hold herself accountable for ANYTHING. So I ask…do women just get to knowingly lie and spread false accusations and get away with it?? The idiot law enforcement and the mindless court system is are treating me like a criminal, and I’ve done NOTHING WRONG!!!! I don’t deserve this treatment, and there better be a HUGE payday for me in the very near future. It’s the LEAST I deserve for what I’ve had to go through. Are there any good, decent women out there? Or are you all liars and unwilling to take responsibility for anything??

When do women get held accountable for continued lies?

So sorry you are having to go through this, I know the pain that can be caused by an ex spouse. My suggestion is get a consultation with a lawyer/attorney. In several states slander(I think thats the correct word) is against the law when children are involved. Lots of lawyers do free consultations if you call around enough. Even if you can't take action currently towards her they should be able to tell you what 'proof' you would need to get in order to have something done. A lot of divorce papers do have clauses where one parent is not allowed to talk badly about the other parent in any instance that could hurt the childs well being. If you are still going through a divorce or the court system in general this is something I would ask about. Hope someone helps you get this sorted out soon.

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