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Hello I got a qurstion

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I was just wondering. Why men think I am a boy and not a women. I want a boyfriend but I am tired of people asking me if i am Gay what my gender is like I am not trying to be mean but I dont like them questioning it.

Hello I got a qurstion

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Without meeting you, I'm not sure anyone can give you a good answer. I wouldn't even dare ask, well, do you look feminine or anything? I wear pants almost all the time, have short hair, but no one mistakes me for a man. Though honestly - I was told that a lot of people DO assume I'm a lesbian because of the short hair/sensible shoes thing. When I met men I was interested in, I made it clear I was interested. Having short hair, sensible shoes, and other things DOES mean that men who want a busty, long-haired, dress-wearing woman are not going to go out with someone like me. I have to accept the fact that the type of woman I am doesn't appeal to all men.

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