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Looking to date but unable to edjeculate

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Around five years ago I had a prostatectomy due to prostrate cancer, I have just ended a 25 year relation ship in which we have three children between us (plus one each fro a previuse relationship. I am now looking to finding another partner, but due to age (early sixties) and moving to a new location am finding it difficult to find some one, one solution is on line dating, the problem fo me is how can I honestly start a online (online) relationship without first discribing my lack of sexual ability. I do still seek intamacy and I know theoreticly a man can orgasum without actualy ejeculating. Should I just not worry about this and wait untill a relationship starts to develop or should I be open from the start.

Looking to date but unable to edjeculate

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I don't see the issue here. Being that you are in your 60's, I am sure you don't want another baby. If you can orgasm without ejaculation, then you should be fine. So go out and date. When the time comes explain that you can't and this will likely make you infertile. As a side note, look into some lubes. Using lube could speed up your orgasm, if you take too long.

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