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Suspicious of husband

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Went down stairs saw my husband on his laptop. He was supposedly be doing stuff to print off for our holiday. He turned his head my way when he saw me coming and I just felt like he was hiding something from me. I accused him of being onto someone and cheating on me. This accusation as come from finding dating sites and porn on his phone in the past. He said to check his laptop but I said he would of deleted anything so I couldn’t find it. He as come home a few times looking tired. He never says to have sex it’s always me saying to have it. He gets text messages on his phone now and then and says it’s crap but I never ask to see it. I give him attention, dress up offer sex do as no reason to cheat. I’ve told him it must be for different sex if he is cheating because with me it’s the same thing all the time. He denies he’s cheating or seeing anyone. He says why doesn’t he just leave if he is cheating. I told him either because she’s married too, or it’s just sex thing or because he doesn’t want to throw away 30 years with me. I told him I’d rather have a divorce then for him to be cheating behind my back. He says he isn’t.

Suspicious of husband

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Can you leave him and come ro me? My arms are wide open. Been in same situation with my ex, but now am free and looking to make up with one who is sincere and wants true love.

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