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The impact of social media on relationships

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Social media has become a ubiquitous part of our lives, and it has undoubtedly changed the way we interact with each other. While it can connect us to others and keep us informed about what's happening in the world, it can also have a negative impact on our relationships. In this forum topic, we invite you to share your thoughts and experiences about the impact of social media on relationships. Some potential questions to consider include: How has social media affected your relationships with romantic partners, family members, and friends? Have you ever experienced jealousy or insecurity in your relationships because of social media? How do you navigate the challenges of social media use in your relationships? Have you ever ended a relationship because of social media? We encourage respectful and constructive discussions on this topic. Remember, everyone's experiences are valid, and we can all learn from each other's perspectives. Let's explore the impact of social media on relationships together.

The impact of social media on relationships

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Hi Sunnydays, Who is 'we'?

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