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Was in pain so asked boyfriend to leave me and he agreed

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Hey! I got diagnosed with a deformity which was causing me pain for years yesterday. I also recently got into a relationship with a guy(1.5 months ago). Since ill be in constant pain and drugged up most of he time and he has issues with his job and home I asked if he'd like to take the easy way out? And he agreed. Now I don't know how i feel about that. On one hand I want him back but then there is no point being in a relationship when I'm not getting support

Was in pain so asked boyfriend to leave me and he agreed

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Hey there! It sounds like you're dealing with a lot right now. Getting diagnosed with a deformity that's been causing you pain for years is tough news to swallow. Add to that the new relationship and your partner's issues with his job and home, and it's no wonder you're feeling overwhelmed. It's natural to want support from your partner during tough times, but it's also important to remember that everyone has their own struggles. Your partner might be dealing with a lot himself, which could be affecting his ability to support you in the way you need. Have you considered having a heart-to-heart with him about how you're feeling? Letting him know that you value his support but are struggling with the idea of ending things because of it could open up a dialogue about how you can support each other better. Ultimately, though, your well-being comes first. If the relationship is causing you more stress than support, it might be worth considering whether it's the right thing for you right now. Remember, it's okay to prioritize your own happiness and well-being. You deserve to be with someone who supports you and makes you feel good about yourself.

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