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What's the deal with this guy? Online

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I met this guy through a dating site. I thought his posts were funny. Right off the bat he started talking to me, we exchanged numbers etc We've been speaking for nearly a month and he seems pretty nice. He asked me if I speak to any other guys and stuff and started asking about my personal life He lives about 45 mins away on the tube which isn't that far at all. But he said he is never coming here to visit me which upset me. He asks me if I have time for him and that he wants to see me but whenever it gets down to making it an official plan he goes around in circles about it and he says things like 'hopefully' and 'if god wills' to avoid yes/no answers It's just pretty irritating. I've decided there is no point speaking to him if he doesn't wanna meet up but I don't want to let go of this that fast. He seems like a cool guy. We're both the same age. We've both seen pictures and videos of each other. He tells me I'm pretty and stuff. oh, i almost forget the site is seekrich dot com (it's a serious dating site where you can find suuceeful man and beautiful woman) What should I do? Let go of it? Act cool? Wait a bit longer?

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