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Please help!!! I really miss him but should I text or call him or wait for him??

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So I met this boy about 11 months ago on instagram and he asked me for my kik and I gave it to and we talked since. He lives in Oklahoma and I live in Texas so we've never met cause our parents wont let us, we're both 16 at the moment. He's really the sweetest guy ever, he's caring, we have a lot in common and I have a lot of feelings for him.. like I can really say im in love with him. Well he feels the same about me, he always tells me how much he loves me and how he never wants us to stop talking and that I mean a lot to him, he really seems to mean it, I know he does. he's really cute and some girls in Oklahoma . even after we argue and I don't wanna talk to him he'll text me before we go to sleep and tells me that he loves me and he hopes I feel better the next day. he tells me he's in love with me and he's never felt like this about anyone else and if he could he would definitely marry me. I don't wanna go into details but just know he's everything a girl can wish for in a guy and he's just amazing. But the reason I'm writing this is because about a week ago my dad grounded me and he took my phone, so me and my "boyfriend" cant talk and video chat everyday like we usually do. the day after my dad took my phone I called him with my home phone and told him what happened and he was pretty sad about it, well I started calling him everyday and maybe its just me,i make everything a big deal but when i was calling him i felt like he wasn't excited to talk me, like ill call him after not talking at all for at least 15 hours and he'll answer the phone with a simple "hey" or "hey babe" but i expect at least a "OMG BABY I MISS YOU" i told him that he doesnt even sound like he misses me but he'll say he does miss me, so ill just let it go. well we'd talk on my home phone ( and im the one that always called ) until Friday when I called him and he told me that, him and his family are going on a weekend vacation and ik he wasn't lying because they've been planning it for a while. So we couldn't talk for the whole weekend. so i thought if they come back maybe he'll call me and let me know theyre back so we can go back to talking. but its now Tuesday and i still haven't gotten a call from him. i know he prolly misses me but i feel like he doesn't try hard enough to talk to me, like why cant he just call my home phone? or he can text my sis to see how im doing but he hasn't done any of that. and i recently got something i can text him and video call him with but im trying really hard not to because if he doesn't try to talk to me why should i? and it really pains me to even type this because i really really miss him. so can you guys please help me? if this was you would you text him??? ik this is really long but i need help. I just wanna make it clear the actually its not that our parents said no, its just that we never actually planned on coming to see each other. my parents like him and his like mine. please just answer my question about texting him or not?

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