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What should I do with the guy I met online?

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Advice I need an advice on my situation right now please don't judge, I can accept opinions. Well, here we go, I met a guy on Craigslist. But before I tell you how this happen, let me tell you that I'm not the type of girl looking for guys online. My main purpose to go on Craigslist was because I wanted to check out cheap cars for me to buy and after a long time of searching I got tired and out of curiosity I went to the personals section. I was laughing at how men post ads there to look for women. Then one of them caught my attention. One reason is because he is 20 years older than me (I'm attracted to older men) and another reason is because it was about a guy wanting to play "doctor" like a sexy gynecologist that will do "things" with women. I was curious to talk to him. I don't know what went through my mind in wanting to contact him. Especially a girl like me who don't usually do these things. I'm an idiot... Anyways, so he put his number and stupid me text him. At the beginning we talk about those "exams" he performs... And I was curious in a way. Then our conversations change as days past and we text and text about things like what we like to do and stuff like that. We actually met in person 10 days after contact him. He took me to dinner, we talk about my childhood and the place I grew up in and he talk about his daughters and that he's divorce. During those 10 days of texting each other we totally forgot about the "gyno exams" and we flirted a lot with each other. Anyways, after the dinner we went to his car and talk for some more and we kissed and he kissed my neck and was going down towards my breasts.. Honestly I liked it. He said for us to get a room but I told him it was too late and I had to get home. Then the next morning we text again for like 2 weeks and again we arrange to meet, but this time to get a room. I agreed to all of this. And during those 2 weeks we text so much and sending pictures of the things we are doing and stuff like that. I started to like him a lot and he said he likes me too. So at our second meeting we got a room. I know, way too fast. But please don't judge. And in there we did no "gyno exams" ... We just had beautiful sex... Normal... No oral or anal... Just normal beautiful sex. We cuddle after that. I really loved that day, I actually haven't had sex in a long time before I met him.. Maybe like 4 years. Maybe that was my main reason why I went too fast with him. The next day we text like usual. But I notice it felt like he was "fading away" ... He replies very late and seem very plain with me. I asked him if he liked that day we spend in the room and he said he loved it. I started to like this man a lot. But I know how I met him and what was the purpose of all this...... Sexual motive only.... One day I decided to to check on Craigslist to see if he keeps posting ads again and he didn't. I don't know why I did that. I guess I want to feel like he only is interested in me. And I was glad he didn't post anything and just chats with me. I mean, at least that's what I know. His birthday came like 2 days ago and I told I got something for him and that if we could meet on his birthday for a little date and to give him his gift but he said he was gonna spend his birthday with his daughters and that I was very sweet to him a gift. I told him that it was ok and we could do it another time. And he promised we will meet again the next day. When the next day came he gave an excuse saying he's still at work. Part of me wanted to believe this but I don't know. Then I went again on that day to check Craigslist to see if he post a new ad..... Well it turns out he did on that same day. I felt upset. I thought he liked me and no longer need to post ads. After I saw that I didn't tell him anything about it, I just told him to be honest to me if we really wants to see me again... And he says he really do wants to see me.. I like this guy... And I don't know what to do. I'm also confused, he says he still wants to meet with me again for a date no sex, but yet he is posting a new ad to perform "gyno exams" to other women....... What should I do?

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