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5 meaningless years?

I met a guy 5 years ago and immediately fell for him. I mean head over heels, not just a crush. I told him how I felt and he said he liked me too, yet treated me like no one. He would ignore me for months on end, but come back whenever I gave him an ultimatum. He led me on for 2 years until I got tired of it and dated other people, with him always in the back of my mind. Those relationships ended and I went back to thinking of him. He told me last year that he loved me, but has never mentioned it again since. I spent the night with him 2 days ago and he said he had waited 5 years to be able to kiss me, and that he had been single since he met me. He introduced me to his friends. To my surprise, all of his friends knew who I was, so he had been telling them about me over the years. He asked if he could call me his girlfriend, to which I raised an eyebrow. I didn't think he actually cared, but my thoughts were starting to change. He took me home the next day and has not said a word to me since. Is it just me or is he sending mixed signals? Am I too clingy? What should I do?

5 meaningless years?

I'm somewhat in the same bind as you are. I was trying to help (at my age, you try to help females, you don't try anything else). Anyway, I helped her and she pulled a con on me, making me believe making me believe maybe we were an item, or some far away dream like that. She threw in just a touch of physical, and it was just a touch, to make sure my mind was turned to mush, with a few I love yous in there, and a week later she hit me for a loan for something she said was very important to her, or her trailer would be ruined, type of plea, which she said she would pay back. Well, I was in deep, like you probably are, and I gave her some money. After that by a few days, I noticed she hadn't called, so I called her and she didn't answer or return my call. Then I remembered she had told me she owned a .38 caliber pistol. Oh, no, just keep the money, sweetheart. She was a con artist, with a horrible childhood, which makes some people want to help her. Better not. She uses the bad and the good, the truth and the fiction, to get your ass. Or at least to get me, because nobody else is that stupid. Anyway, a year later, a shrink we both knew said she should call me, for she was having a lot of trouble. She did. Anyway, in the last 3 months she's tried to con me about 3 times. I've dodged each, but just barely. So, I'm emotionally involved with a lout also. It is a strange feeling. Someone who treats you like dirt, and you come crawling back for more. What kind of people are they? What kind of people are we? You said, "He took me home the next day and has not said a word to me since. Is it just me or is he sending mixed signals? Am I too clingy? What should I do?" You and I are too clingy. We're probably masochists, who willingly take punishment, and are probably drawn tored sadistic people, who love to give out punishment. Such is our fate.

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