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1 week; 1 choice; life changing - Help!

I am 23, still at uni and currently considering if I should propose to my Girlfriend ( she is 27). Should I pursue her / propose ? I am normally very logical. But after just 4 months with her I have fallen deeply in love. We have shared allot together. So what's the problem ? - I have only known her for 4 months - she is Muslim and I am Christian. (so we clash on several issues) - Our families would both hate it. - My career chances might be affected (positively or negatively) by being with her. - I kind of messed things up. So to win her heart back i will need to go out of my way. ( But I know she still loves me) Despite all of that , I still want a future with her so much. We are definitely not perfect for each other. But the connection feels so real. (Or maybe I am just a naive young romantic). (by the way this is my first real serious relationship) So should I pursue her / propose ? Thanks

1 week; 1 choice; life changing - Help!

If you messed things up a bit - maybe start fixing that first? If you both agree that you both want to share your lives together; the rest will follow and you can plan it all together.

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