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38 year old virgin

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I am 38 years old, I have never had sex and I have never had a girlfriend. I've tried going out to clubs, I've tried online dating, but women never choose me. I don't want to be single and I would like an abundant sex life.

38 year old virgin

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There is someone for everyone... You Just havent found her yet.
Dont give up looking.
Im sure You have quailties that Will appeal to someone out there.

38 year old virgin

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I'm twenty years old, and have pulled gorgeous women. I've had sex with seven. I just found out that I have genital herpes, an STD that I'll have to live with for the rest of my life and will complicate the sh*t out of dating.

I'm actually jealous of you.

38 year old virgin

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Media has made sex such a big part of our lives..... when it is just a tiny fraction.

LOVE is what we all want and need.

The idea of what Love is has been distorted.

I would love to start a thread that asks just that... where everyone posts their thoughts.

38 year old virgin

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I have a lot of female friends. Also I am not necessarily looking for the one. I just want some good experiences and I haven't even had that. I'm just tired of missing out on a part of life that most everyone else gets to experience.

38 year old virgin

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The world wants love so badly

Its been defined wrong and so deeply misunderstood.

It's being settled for as something that it isn't love.

It's imagined and wished for so deeply that we blind ourselves from truths that resurface in time...instead of building trust.

It's ruined by past experiences and those that use and manipulate other people.

It has been made complicated...when it's simple and beautiful.

People have to know themselves be able to manage themselves and their own lives.....before they come to the table. Represent themselves. So they know what they have to offer and what they want in their relationship. Represent one another.

The first kiss or awareness of interest. when you start talking openly about what is happening. No guessing games. Just...are you interested in getting to know me exclusively intimate or not. Simple. Then you have fun, free, security in knowing what's between us is on the same page. You spend time getting to know one another, learning, sharing, experiences, enjoying yourself.

Then when you realize you want to continue doing this with this person for the rest of your marry....and continue on as you were but sharing space and more.

It's easy...not guessing games. Beautiful.

Why live with so much doubt....when you could be enjoying life. Loving yourself first and that break ups....are still your valued your blessed life.

Alleviate the pressure by being honest with yourself...and keeping it simple.

38 year old virgin

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Women might not choose you Because they can't see you....or they are misunderstanding you.

We are understood by what we say, how we say it, our actions and presentation.

So CHUCK. how do we get who you are on the inside to match who people see you as.

Start maybe by describing yourself to us. And ask yourself how you can present that list more proactively in your day to day interactions.

Happiness and confidence.....when the door to people....what has people wanting to know more.

Remember too that some girls...are superficial...and judgemental...don't let them ruin your want someone real. I would spend time going to book clubs and choirs and sports or community activities. Go where your interests are. Let your friends know your open to blind dates.Just relax...and have fun...look for friendship....that may one day turn into love.

38 year old virgin

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Maybe you are not giving off the right signals ? Maybe girls see You more as a friend coz You act like one ?
Do You ever as' Anyone out ? Or have You ever noticed Anyone flirting with You ? Someone must of Been interested In You In your 38 years ? Maybe You missed the signs ?
Do You consider yourself attractive ? A Nice Guy ?
Women are always looking for looks, personalty and someone who makes them laugh goes a long way.
Have You got Any hobbies or interests ?
Maybe You could join something and connected with someone through an interest you both share!
Of give online dating another Try If You are a shy Guy.
You say You Have a lot of female friends... So women seem to like You. Have You ever asked Anyone of them advice on how to date ? Of even If They know s women You could be suited with, set You up with.
These are Just ideas.
Believe in yourself. There world is full of women They must be some who would go for it.
Put yourself out there more.
Good luck.

38 year old virgin

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Correction : women are not always looking for good looks... Personality and someone who makes us laugh go a long way.

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