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How to move on if you're still waiting for him

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I have been in a long distance relationship for 2 months ( I know that isn't a serious period, but is still hurts). We met some 4 years ago and I immediately liked him. During this 2 months he said he felt the same way, and we decided to start a relationship. Everything was excellent for us (at least I thought so). We were talking/ chatting all day long and having plans for the future. We were to meet after August 15th. But all of a sudden he stopped writing me? When I asked after 2 days he said that it's his decision and he is always right. I respected that and didn't write for another several days then he deleted me from Facebook and his contacts. That is another real shock for me, I truly love him and I know there is no other girl in his life. Is there a possibility to get him back?!( I have the idea that one of our mutual friends told him something which is not true, but if he believes him, it means he doesn't love me!?!!

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