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So confusion with mixed signals?

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Hi guys so I got a question. Nothing as serious as you would normally find just the usual romance type stuff. Anyway I have been talking to this girl on Tinder (I know). Now usually I don’t expect much from tinder but for the last week we have been talking quite a bit. She is a foreign girl who hasn’t made many friends here so is quite lonely. Anyway we start talking and after a while she starts asking questions that I find very strange, like my height, dating history and so on stuff that I don’t really find normal if you just want to ‘make friends’ that her profile states after like 2/3 days she started talking to me (she even mentioned her last serious bf and basically the last time she had sex). So at this point I think something may be up, she made other comments about asking me if I can hum (I kind of laughed here) to her and stroke her hair and then another night she makes mention about how she would love a massage and after I said I was pretty good at them (Just something I have been told) she was like “ok then come here lol”. Now she has said she just wants friends but I find her behaviour strange. Is it normal? Because I have found myself falling for her so I don’t want things to go on anymore if there isn’t going to be much for this.

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