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2way griping, why am I now the griper!?

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Emotional advice How is it considered griping when you listen to your partner griping, give feed back to let them know your listening, but when you ask a couple questions, voice your opinion of the circumstance only to be answered with subject changes which in turn upset you!? Now I gave the respect to listen to my partners griping, why wasn't same respect given? Now 2 hrs later , still in silence except for our good nights.Now I don't want to sleep In the bed, is that to much? Should I give in and let go feeling my voice was not heard? Looking for questions and opinions

2way griping, why am I now the griper!?

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Gripe? Whine? Bitch? Complain? Express feelings?

Which one is it? You want to be heard!!

There is an art to what you may call arguing - but really mean getting things settled constructively.

But some couples need to learn methods for how to do that so that all parties feel heard and can express themselves in a safe place. A counselor's office might be one place. I have heard good results from marriage encounter weekends, too.

Google books on relationships (how to settle conflicts), find a marriage encounter weekend, seek counseling.

But don't "swallow" your frustration. You NEED to be heard!

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