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Feeling kinda lost

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So since September last year, I've been living off my savings which are slowly melting away, and I should probably look for something meaningful to do. The most important thing to me is my boyfriend, and he's probably the reason I have any motivation to do anything (I think). I've been growing apart from my friends and family, and I find most people annoying, to the point where going out to see people is exhausting. This probably sounds like a mental condition to you, but I used to be in therapy for about a year and it's really hit and miss, my problems seem to recur and I normally see through the therapist and know exactly what they're going to say. Do you think that life is just meant to boring and slightly sad for some people and sometimes its normal to have zero energy? I used to have a career and earn a lot (hence my savings) but after achieving a managerial position, I got this feeling of "is that all there is? this is so unfulfilling" and one day I just quit without knowing what to do next. I just think that our modern civilisation churns out lots of corporate jobs which are a total waste of time. I also don't care much for people (apart from my boyfriend) and see through their games. It is funny how nobody talks to me anymore now that I do not have a full-time career. I would like to be a dog walker and posted some ads locally. I mentioned this to my parents and they ridiculed the idea. Why do people have to be so judgmental. Actually I feel sorry for anyone who reads this useless rant, but hey, thank you for reading.

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