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Hi Guys. This is a long post and not parenting related but I'm hoping to get some ideas. I'm a manager and we had to conduct locker clean outs where I work. Team members were supposed to let us know what locker was theirs or put their name on it. We gave them three weeks notice. A certain team member did not get that communication. This was my fault. So the three weeks came and the lockers that did not have a name on it were bolt cut and the contents put into the bin. I now realise that all contents no matter how minor should have been kept. The team member came to me today and told me that I had bolt cut his lock. I replied I have a replacement lock for you but there was nothing really in anyone's locker. I had found deodorant, lots of rubbish, a bit of paperwork etc. The team member told me hat his wife lives over seas and he has not seen her in years and he cannot get his wife over here (financial etc). Inside his locker he had a perfume that his wife had sent him years ago so that he could remember her...... and I threw it in the bin. I feel terrible and I have asked if there is anything that I can do to fix this as it is not a perfume that you can just buy but he has said there is nothing that can be done. He understood that it was a mistake and was apologising to me because he could see how upset was. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas on how could I possibly try to make this the slightest bit better for him and his wife?

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