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Should I switch schools?

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I am currently attending a school which is strongly based on academics. The reason I am attending is because it gives me the opportunity to obtain a high-level academic diploma which could help my chances of getting into college. I am challenged (in a good way) in all of my classes. I have great relationships with almost all of my teachers, except for one, my foreign language teacher. I have this class first hour every day and for various reason we do not get along. They are a very optimistic person and are almost always smiling (you can tell even under the mask). They are also very talkative and in my opinion a bit "happy go lucky". I am, in contrast, very closed off and don't like talking to people very much. Whenever I go to their class I am filled with a sense of dread. I find foreign language to be somewhat boring and confusing but I understand the necessity of it and try to pay attention and be engaged in class, at least as much as I can muster on a given day. However this teacher makes it particularly difficult for me to find any use in the class, which disappoints me because I really do want to at least know some of the foreign language I am learning, knowing that it will probably help me later on in life. I understand that sometimes in life you must put up with people you don't like, but I feel this teacher has really hurt my passion for learning. There are a few comments they has made regarding my work that made me feel bad about the class (some were valid in my opinion, others I did not really understand or I thought were less important). I am not able to drop the class seeing that languages are a four year course at my school and I am in my third year there. This is a difficult situation for me because I love all my other teachers and classes. If I went to the other school, I would still be able to take challenging classes, but the final tests would be different (not a big problem for me) and I would not get the special diploma (what I am most nervous about). Should I go to the other school, or should I suck it up and stay at my current school?

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