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24 years and just existing!!

I have been with my Man for over 24 years. No not married, and nothing is in writing or legal. He is 78 and I am 62. No I am not in his will, and yes we do live together in his home, but even with that, when we moved here over a year ago, he promised in his will the house would be mine and contents, except for few momentos for his grown daughters, They are 52 and 54.They have never liked me, and are very jealous of me, and my daughter, who is 30, and half the time don't even recognize I have a daughter. Because everything is only about them and their family. He has already given them his business, and they screwed that up, so at 78 he is back working to save it, so he is mad at the world and he takes it out on me. and I have seen part of his trust, and everything goes to them. Now he wants them to also have the home I live in. They both have big beautiful homes, and the first thing they would do when he dies, is sell it, same as I would do and put the money in the bank!! He is a functioning Alcoholic, and he is also a control freak. There is so much more, i won't go into, but my problem is, do I just say screw it, and move out and start my life over, I did that in 2008 for two years, and he did everything in his power to get me back, and like a fool, I moved back in 2010.And things now are even worse than when I moved out. I also have major back problems, 5 surgery's and on disability, so that is also a huge factor, I am not wanting to move again. But, this last year has been such hell, that I feel I am just wasting my life instead of living it. We go no where. see no one,but if his family or best friends want him to do something, he is there asap, but he does accuse me of on line affairs, and secret meeting, with all kind of men. All which is not true. I am so down on myself, not knowing which way to turn. I would really appreciate some advice on my problem!!

24 years and just existing!!

Yes, I think you should move out again to make him realize what he has missed, if you move out. Maybe he will put you back to owning the house in his will, & if he doesn\'t. It\'s better off anyways. That\'s not an healthy environment for you in your condition.

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